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About Us

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, we have installed our unique roofing system across Ontario and have applied our polyurea for industrial applications across Canada!  Our professional and experienced team installs a seamless lightweight poly membrane roofing system that will protect your investment for many years to come. We can apply a layer of high performance roofing foam prior to spraying our coating which will seal any protrusions through the roof such as vent stacks, HVAC units, etc. and also increases the insulation to your building, which in most cases older buildings don't have sufficient insulation.  More insulation means savings in your energy costs!  As long as the substrate on the existing roof is suitable for us to install our system over, that means we also do not have to tear off the entire existing roof, only compromised areas, which means we are not contributing to filling up our landfills.  What puts us ahead of everyone else is our commitment to customer satisfaction on every project we complete.  We educate our clients on the best option suited to their specific needs for their project, whether it is a flat/low sloped roof or an industrial project such as a water treatment plant, holding tank or many other industrial or agricultural coatings.  Ask us about our roof maintenance program as well that helps to maintain your roof so you don't have to worry about drains getting clogged, tree branches falling on your roof or third party damage.  We pride ourselves on being Canada's best choice for professionally installed polyurethane roofing foam and poly membrane flat roofing system.  We are such proud Canadians we included it in our name!


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